Friday, July 29, 2011

Group photo!

I haven't been showcasing a lot of art lately on this blog. More art to come soon!!

For now, though, here is a photo of the NVA members who were in Nantucket.

Back row to front row:
Nancy Bacevich, Cindy Kerr,
Polo Barrera, Haydi Hurley, Ann Gorbett,
Tony Donovan, Kim Weineck

Thank goodness for self-timer!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hard at work

From left to right: Kim Morin Weineck, Haydi Hurley, Tony Donovan, Nancy Bacevich, NVA spouse Jeff Kerr, Cindy Kerr, and Polo Barrera.

I do love this photo. Taken by Ann Gorbett, it shows many of the NVA hard at work during our Nantucket trip. From this porch overlooking the channel, boats zoomed by, ferries came and went, and we made paintings and enjoyed each other's conversation.

Some paintings from Nantucket

Our first full day in Nantucket yielded a bunch of work. Before heading to Haydi's show opening, we had an impromptu showing of our paintings at the fireplace.

Haydi Hurley used new watercolor pencils for her two at the top left.
Nancy Bacevich did a preparatory line drawing for a future pastel on the top right.
My (Kim Morin Weineck) three wee pastels are on the fireplace screen.
Cindy Kerr's oil is on the bottom left, followed by Ann Gorbett's oil painted with palette knives only, Tony Donovan's oil, and Polo Barrera's acrylic big sky landscape.

NVA member Ann Gorbett has updated her blog with photos from our Nantucket painting getaway, including a close up of her painting shown above.

And Ann's husband, Polo Barrera, another NVA member also posted about our Nantucket trip with a close up of his painting.

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dinner in Nantucket

The NVA had quite a wonderful time in Nantucket, all due to the hospitality of charter member, Haydi Hurley.

More about our trip to follow on this blog, but for now, here is a photo of all of us before enjoying dinner at The Starlight, formerly the White Dog. We were out for dinner after having seen Haydi's watercolor contributions to the small works show featuring work of the Artists Association of Nantucket.

Pictured from left to right - Ann Gorbett, Polo Barrera, Nancy Bacevich, Cindy Kerr,
NVA spouse Jeff Kerr, Haydi Hurley, Kim Morin Weineck, Tony Donovan.
(Photo courtesy of Ann Gorbett. Thanks, Ann!)

What fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Plein air on Nantucket!

Back in April - when it was still cold and nothing outside was really green - I posted about the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod on my blog.

The specific post encouraged people to become members of the AFCC because it is a great organization encouraging the arts on Cape Cod but also because of an amazing sponsorship benefit it's offering: Free round-trip tickets on Cape Air from Hyannis to Nantucket for new members!!

I think every member of the Neponset Valley Artists joined within the week!

Tomorrow we're taking advantage of these tickets and heading to Nantucket for three days of painting and camaraderie. What fun! Can't wait!

Check back on this blog for follow up posts about this trip and what we've painted. Until them I'm packing and planning and baking and readying for some good times. Ahhhh.

And thank you to AFCC and Cape Air!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marsh photo Inspiration

While on Cape Cod this past week, we took a bike ride and explored a beautiful area called Monomoscoy Island. I had to stop to take these photos as possible painting inspiration for the Neponset Valley Artists even though I was eaten alive by biting flies in the 30 seconds it took to take these 6 photos. How do plein air artists do it?