Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some paintings from Nantucket

Our first full day in Nantucket yielded a bunch of work. Before heading to Haydi's show opening, we had an impromptu showing of our paintings at the fireplace.

Haydi Hurley used new watercolor pencils for her two at the top left.
Nancy Bacevich did a preparatory line drawing for a future pastel on the top right.
My (Kim Morin Weineck) three wee pastels are on the fireplace screen.
Cindy Kerr's oil is on the bottom left, followed by Ann Gorbett's oil painted with palette knives only, Tony Donovan's oil, and Polo Barrera's acrylic big sky landscape.

NVA member Ann Gorbett has updated her blog with photos from our Nantucket painting getaway, including a close up of her painting shown above.

And Ann's husband, Polo Barrera, another NVA member also posted about our Nantucket trip with a close up of his painting.

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