Monday, May 16, 2011

NVA at the FAA and a show!

The Neponset Valley Artists are a busy group. Many are permanent artists at the Art Gallery at Patriot Place in Foxboro, MA. Others are involved in other painting classes. Some come to class on Thursday night with a bunch of new nearly-completed work for critiques and finishing touches.

Recently many of us met for the Foxboro Art Association meeting. If you are local to the area and love art and art-related activities, you should consider joining. It's quite a wonderful, active group with inspiring and talented artists among their membership.

You can see NVA members Ann Gorbett and Nancy Bacevich standing at the far left of this photo.
With other FAA members, they are enjoying Marla's watercolor demonstration.

For us in the NVA, it's a way to connect with other artists and be inspired by some stellar painting demonstrations.

NVA members Tony Donovan and Frank Quinn observe
Marla's demonstration while standing in the middle of the back row.

Marla Greenfield was the recent demonstrator. It was a great two hours watching her create luminous paintings.

Marla's painting's progress

Tonight the NVA is installing an art show at a local medical office. Personally I am highly interested in a doctors' office which installs new art exhibits four times annually. What a treat to spend time in the waiting room looking at original, local art. And for artists, what a captive audience!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

NVA member :: Ann Gorbett

There are many talented members of the Neponset Valley Artists. At a recent painting class I took some photos of those in attendance in action to do a series of blog posts showcasing them. Ann Gorbett is the first!

Ann has a very specific procedure when she paints. She dons her painting shirt. She places her palette and paints just so. Her box of tissues is placed at a perfect angle a predetermined constant distance from her left hand. She also folds her brown paper trash bag a certain way. We love her for these wonderful peculiarities.

She and her husband, Polo Barrera, are permanent artist members of the Art Gallery at Patriot Place.

Ann Gorbett is a talented artist and her work is striking particularly because she works in palette knife solely. At a gallery9 opening reception last night she brought in this cake:

A real Ann Gogh! It was delicious and gorgeously beautiful!!!