Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NVA members take ribbons at Foxboro Art Association show!

My most heartfelt congratulations to the NVA for their participation in the Foxboro Art Association Fall Members' Show. The work displayed was beautiful and the level of competition gets stronger every year. This year around 110 paintings were displayed in different categories: oil/acrylic, pastel, watercolor, mixed media/photography. 

The NVA did really well in the ribbon count. Take a look! 

Kathy Harwood Hutchinson took First Place in Pastels with this gorgeous marsh with boat landscape. 

Kim Morin Weineck took Second Place in Pastel for her piece, Summer Sky

Diane Scotti took Honorable Mention in pastel for her work, Freeman's Alley

Tony Donovan's oil painting of a Spanish mission was awarded Third Place in Oils/Acrylics. 

And Ann Gorbett's beautiful oil, Summer Tans 1950,  done exclusively with a palette knife was awarded Honorable Mention. 

Congratulations to the award-winning pieces and to all who participated. It was a great show. 

Thanks for reading! ~kmw

Thursday, May 10, 2012

NVA Gallery Opening :: June 1st!

Please make note!
June 1st at Gallery9, the Neponset Valley Artists will be displaying their work.
Come for artist meet and greet with light refreshments and STELLAR artwork.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Polo Barrera to display at Gallery9

Polo Barrera, NVA, is showing his illustrations at Gallery9 on Friday, April 6th from 6-8, when the gallery is hosting April First Friday featuring illustration and watercolor.

More information can be found at the gallery website and his own blog.

If you're local to the area, hope we can see you there! Polo's work is just such fun!!

Thanks for reading!

Showings by the NVA

Recently many members of the Neponset Valley Artists exhibited work at the Foxboro Art Association Spring Show and Sale. We're delighted to announce the following ribbons from that show:

Oil and Acrylic category: Family Beach Day, an original oil by Ann Gorbett, received 2nd place

Ann Gorbett
original oil, (c)2012

Oil and Acrylic category:  Twilight, an original oil by Kim Morin Weineck, received Honorable Mention

Kim Morin Weineck
original oil, (c)2011, 8x8"

Pastel category: Autumn Stroll, an original pastel by Kim Morin Weineck, received Honorable Mention

Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, (c)2012, 5x5"

Many of the NVA submitted pieces to this show are on display at the Walpole Public Library until the end of April. Stop by if you're local to the area to see some stellar work!

Diane Scotti received Honorable Mention for her acrylic painting, The Gathering, at the Morini Gallery's "Breakout" exhibit.

Diane Scotti
original acrylic, (c)2012

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Thanks for reading!
~Kim Weineck

Thursday, March 22, 2012

There's no compliment like a SALE!

Recently the Neponset Valley Artists displayed their work in the Walpole Public Library. What fun it is to learn that a patron of the library bought one of the paintings!

Nancy Bacevich, NVA, oil, NO FISH TALES, Sold!
Nancy Bacevich, NVA, sold her painting, "No Fish Tales" at the Walpole Public Library, and I am sad to see this treasure of a painting go and not to hang on my wall! Ah well, a good lesson learned. "You snooze, you lose!"

I hear rumors, too, that others have had nibbles of interest on other works hanging there. Hurray for an art-loving Walpole Public Library population! How wonderful that we were able to secure a grant from the Walpole Cultural Council for a display system to ensure that artwork will always be on shown in the WPL foyer. The patrons notice and appreciate it!

Tony Donovan, NVA, is spending the winter months in Sedona, AZ. While there he managed to have another NVA member deliver his painting, Sidekicks, to the Norfolk Cultural Council show where it had been juried in. And then it sold! Hurray for Tony!

Tony Donovan, NVA, oil, SIDEKICKS, SOLD! 
And since I'm mentioning Tony Donovan, while in Sedona his work was juried into the Sedona Arts Center Members Show and this piece, Holding On, sold. He's on a roll! 

Tony Donovan, NVA, oil, HOLDING ON,  Sold!

For more information on Tony's time in Sedona, feel free to follow along on his blog, Red Rock Report. It's a great read. 

Thanks for reading,
~Kim Morin Weineck 

Monday, February 27, 2012

NVA work displayed at Walpole Library

The Walpole Public Library is going to open on Wednesday and members of the NVA were there today to hang a display of artwork.

NVA artwork by members Haydi Hurley, Cindy Kerr,
Kim Weineck, Nancy Bacevich, diane scotti, Frank Quinn, Polo Barrera.
Of course, you have to see them in person to appreciate them!

Frank Quinn, NVA, has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Walpole Public Library has a space for art display in its new building. He even wrote the grant to the Walpole Cultural Council which funded the display system!
NVA artwork by Polo Barrera, Ann Gorbett, diane scotti, Frank Quinn,
Tony Donovan, Kathy Hutchinson, Haydi Hurley, Nancy Bacevich

The NVA is honored to be the first displayed at the library. We're also thrilled to have established, after such research, the best gallery display system. Future artists will use it with ease and we look forward to seeing many shows for years and years to come.

Haydi Hurley, Cindy Kerr, and Nancy Bacevich discuss the arrangement of work. 

Thanks for reading!
Cindy Kerr, Haydi Hurley, and Nancy Bacevich agree it looks great! 


Sunday, February 12, 2012

NVA paintings juried in!

The Norfolk Cultural Council is hosting a juried art show for the month of March. We were delighted last week to receive notification that the paintings shown in this post were accepted. We're thrilled and honored. 

We hope to see you at the opening reception, Saturday, March 10th from 5-7 at the Norfolk Library's Community Room - a great painting show venue! 

Ann Gorbett's palette knife paintings are a beautiful example of design and sculptural composition. They are even better to see in person!

Summer House original oil by Ann Gorbett, NVA
Cindy Kerr's painting was completed with palette knife and brush work enhancing the finished result of her marsh plein air experience. 

Nantucket Marsh original oil by Cindy Kerr, NVA
diane scotti is new to our group and created this stunning portrait of her first granddaughter, Ava. What an engaging gaze on this little face. 

My Joy original pastel by diane scotti, NVA
Frank Quinn's portrait of his grandson captures those eyes and young face perfectly.

Nathan original oil by Frank Quinn, NVA
Haydi Hurley has been working diligently on her watercolor techniques and she's translating her studies into luminous, beautiful watercolors.
Plenty of Pears original watercolor by Haydi Hurley, NVA
My two pastels, done in a new style for me as I search new color relationships and explore variations in my mark making.
Last Light original pastel by Kim Morin Weineck, NVA

Rising Moon original pastel by Kim Morin Weineck, NVA
 Nancy Bacevich created this little gem of a portrait in one class session and the piece flowed from her with elan. I enjoyed watching this come to be from start to finish. In person its colors sing.

Seashore Dance original pastel by Nancy Bacevich, NVA
Tony Donovan has created numerous paintings of abandoned trucks from his travels west, and his entry here follows that vein. I always love the growth potential of working in a series.

Sidekicks original oil by Tony Donovan, NVA
What a vast array of subjects and mediums!

The NVA meets weekly to paint and we end each class with critique of what we've worked on both during class and in the time since our last meeting. Lately there's been a surge of focus in our class and I would say it's showing in the resultant paintings created by our members.  

I hope to see you at the show if you're local to our area. The NVA will be well-represented!