Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art show at the SSDP, No. Easton, MA

Recently the NVA installed a show at the South Shore Dermatology Physicans' office. What a great venue this is! The work looked fabulous and we are happy to be displaying our art to a captive waiting-room audience.

Here are some photos to show you how great the show is!

Kim Morin Weineck, NVA founder and instructor starts off the display on the left wall.

Kim Morin Weineck, NVA PPSCC
Loosestrife Blooms, original oil, $200
Beach Path, original pastel, $125
Marsh Grasses and Greens, original pastel, $125

Nancy Bacevich works in pastel and oil. Here three pieces are here:

Nancy Bacevich, NVA
Masque of the Milkmaid, original oil, $150
Figs, original pastel, $80
In Season, original pastel, $50

Haydi Hurley works in watercolor. Her pieces, with glass, didn't photograph too well. In person they are stunning.

Haydi Hurley, NVA
Schoolgirls, original watercolor, $195
Robin's Eggs, original watercolor, $165

Kathy Harwood Hutchinson works in pastel. Here is a wonderful autumn piece:

Kathy Harwood Hutchinson, NVA
Autumn Reflections, original pastel, $250

Cindy Kerr enjoys visiting all mediums. Here are three pieces from her. The top piece is a pastel of a marsh. The lights reflecting in the glass don't allow the piece to resonate with viewers as it does in person.

Cindy Kerr, NVA
Millis Marsh, original pastel, $150
Beach, original oil, $150
Irish Cottage, original acrylic, $125

Tony Donovan's oils are rich and painterly.

Tony Donovan, NVA
Hydrangea, original oil, $200
Rural Reflections, original oil, $150
Napa Vineyard, original oil, $150

Ann Gorbett and Polo Barrera's collection of works. A very talented couple, these two are!

Polo Barrera, NVA (left side)
Not Easy Being Green, original acrylic, $45
Spring Vista, original oil, $65
A Pair of Pears, original acrylic, $45

Ann Gorbett, NVA (right)
Roses, original oil, $175
Kyoko, original oil, $225
Freshly Cut, original oil, $175
Threesome, original oil, $225
(shown beneath Frank Quinn's painting)

Frank Quinn does wonderful figurative pieces. His granddaughter is a favorite subject.

Frank Quinn, NVA
Little Princess, original oil, $150
Queen of Arts, BPL, original oil, $150
The Last Parade, St Patrick's Day, 2009, original oil, $200

And all of the work again. Beautiful and singular in all the artists' individual styles.

As I left, this is what I saw through the window into the practice's waiting room. I am so proud of my students' work!

Email for purchasing information. It would be my pleasure to get you in contact with the artist.


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